Important Travel Announcement

Haiti Lifeline Ministries (HLM) is in contact with our Haitian partners and we are monitoring the continued unrest in Haiti. The U.S. State Department issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory to Haiti on January 14th which was renewed on April 9th, 2019. On June 11th, 2019 the State Department decreased the advisory to a Level 3 Travel Advisory. HLM does not allow teams to travel with a Level 4 Travel Advisory in effect. If a Level 4 advisory is in effect 30 days prior to a team’s departure date, HLM will cancel the team. Team members already committed to traveling will be notified immediately of any changes in travel. 

In the event a team must be canceled, please consult our refund policy linked below under ‘Important Documents’. Thank you for your understanding and prayers as HLM navigates potential travel changes and the associated financial issues. Please continue to pray for our partners throughout Haiti as they navigate daily life in spite of the added challenges of the current political climate.


Several times a year, Haiti Lifeline Ministries sends groups of work teams to Haiti. All of the trips have a specific emphasis and purpose though regardless of the team focus, Haiti Lifeline's goal is to serve the people of Haiti. During the summer, groups are sent to put on programs specifically for the children at the Lifeline orphanage including Vacation Bible School and vocational camps. Twice a year, medical teams travel to the Lifeline Orphanage and operate a free clinic for the community of Croix-de-Bouquets as well as surrounding villages. Throughout the year, we also travel to areas around Haiti for One Body church building teams. Click HERE to look through recent pictures from all of our teams!

2019 TEAMS

January 5th- 12th One Body Church Building Team (approval to travel based on necessary construction skills)

January 13th- 23rd One Body Church Building Team (approval to travel based on necessary construction skills)

October 21st- October 28th  Medical & Work Team

October 28th- November 4th  Medical & Pastors Conference Team

2020 TEAMS

January 7th- 14th One Body Church Building Team (approval to travel based on necessary construction skills)

January 14th- 25th One Body Church Building Team (approval to travel based on necessary construction skills)

March 30th- April 6th (dates flexible) Medical & Work Team

July 9th- 16th (dates flexible) Fine Arts and Vocational Camp

July 16th- 25th (dates flexible) Vacation Bible School

October 21st- October 28th (dates flexible) Medical & Work Team

October 28th- November 4th (dates flexible) Medical & Pastors Conference Team

Trip Specifics

Travel dates are approximate and may change slightly based upon available airline tickets. However, you will be notified well in advance of any change to the dates listed. In order to reserve a spot on any team, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required if accepted (rare exceptions may apply, please consult our Refund Policy below). Initially, preference for team spots will be given to those who have not traveled on a team during the current calendar year of team travel.

Trip cost may fluctuate based on airfare costs. In order to meet minimum trip expenses, each trip will cost between $1,600- $1,700 inclusive of airfare from Kansas City. If you are flying from another location, our policy is that trip cost is $800- $850, plus your airfare. We ask that an attempt be made to arrive in Haiti on the same flight as the balance of the team.

Each team has been designed with a particular focus or set of goals. When putting teams together, priority may be given to those that best meet the team's goals and focus. However, even if you do not fit into a particular group or demographic, that will not necessarily preclude you from being part of a particular team. We want to continue the tradition that anyone can be an asset on these teams, as long as they come with a heart to serve. God often uses each of us in unexpected ways.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at: