centre children international Lifeline d'haiti

God is the great protector and loving Father of all orphans. Psalm 68:5 says, “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows, is God in his holy habitation.” In the New Testament, James states that the most pure and undefiled religion is "to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep [them] unstained from the world.” Centre Children International seeks to serve the underserved and overlooked orphans in Haiti. At this orphanage, children will have a safe environment where they can attend school, receive routine medical care, and grow up within a loving Christian community. 

mama nicole

Returning to her native Haiti after attending a Christian college in the United States, Nicole Dieudonne was overcome with sadness as she looked at the people of Dargout (a poor village located in Croix-des-Bouquets). After much prayer, she determined to gather the children and their mothers under a large mango tree near her home since she had no building to which she could take them. As time went on, God used Nicole’s compassion for the people of Dargout to establish Centre for Children International Life Line d’Haiti Orphanage. Nicole provides oversight at the orphanage which houses up to one hundred children, as well as providing many life-giving services to the surrounding community.



Nicole began her ministry of caring for mothers and children over twenty years ago. Her desire was to help mothers learn to care for their children, but the need for an orphanage quickly became apparent. Centre for Children International Life Line d’Haiti is currently home to nearly 70 children. Many are in the process of being adopted while others will “age out” and be sent out into Haiti to make their own way one day. Every effort is made to ensure that these children will be ready for what awaits them outside the compound walls through The Oasis Project. Click HERE to view photos of all the children living at Lifeline Orphanage. 

Community Outreach

In most developed nations, education is a government requirement for all children. In Haiti, however, it is a privilege even to receive the fundamental basics of education.

At Centre for Children International Lifeline d’Haiti, an education is available not only to the children who live at the orphanage but to approximately 300 village children as well. For more information on the library at the compound, click HERE. The support of Haiti Lifeline Ministries makes it possible for the children to acquire the life-altering ability to read and write as well as providing the truly life-giving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The future of Haiti, as in any country, lies in the hearts, minds, and hands of the children. Perhaps one day, these precious children will be used by the Lord to bring help, hope, and a better life to future generations of Haitians.

Haiti has many wonderful and talented doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, but those who most desperately need their care often find it difficult, if not impossible, to see them or pay for their services.

The community clinic opened by Haiti Lifeline Ministries on the orphanage compound provides much-needed medical care for some of the poorest people in the world. As they come walking down from their mountain huts they line up and wait their turn to see the nurses or doctor who come to minister at the clinic.

Through generous donations, there is a new larger medical clinic with access from outside the compound walls, providing more security to the children at the orphanage. Some of the services provided by the clinic include a nutrition program, prenatal care, and a small pharmacy.

It has been said that water is life. The presence of an on-site well at the orphanage provides clean water to the children at Centre for Children International Life Line d’Haiti as well as providing yet another opportunity to minister to the community as clean water is provided to neighboring residents at no charge.

Members of the nearby community line up early in the morning to fill their buckets, thankful to be able to provide their family with clean water for that day, often meaning the difference between life and death.