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 As a young man growing up in Pignon, Leosthene Pierre had a heart for the people of Haiti and a passion to minister to them. In 2009, he started seminary in Port-au-Prince and was in the city when the earthquake hit on January 12th, 2010. Leosthene believes that God spared his life and protected him during this catastrophic event because his plans. After graduating from seminary, Leosthene returned to Pignon and founded Church of Manna Ministries of God for Haiti. Leosthene is well known throughout Pignon and is well respected by the other pastors in the area. Because of Leosthene's love for Christ and service in the community, the church has seen rapid growth within the last couple of years. There are now about 100 people attending every week. Leosthene lives in Pignon with his wife, Jesula, and twins, Zachary and Ruth. 


Church of manna ministries

After the earthquake, God called Leosthene back home to establish a ministry, Church of Manna Ministries of God, in the most impoverished and underserved area of Pignon. He discovered that people were hungry for hope, encouragement, and God's Word. Although Leosthene also lives in Pignon, traveling daily to his congregation entails traversing a swinging bridge over a river and a 30 minute motorcycle ride. The church building is a simple structure consisting of a dirt floor with wooden posts and a tin roof. Eventually, we hope to have a more substantial building with sturdy wooden benches for seating. 

community SCHOOL

Aside from pastoring, Leosthene also runs a school for the families living near Church of Manna Ministries. The school, Jehovah-Nissi de Vincent, employs 7 teachers and has approximately 90 children, ranging in age from 3 years to 16 years old, attending classes during the week. Although the church building for Church of Manna Ministries is sufficient for Sunday church service, it is inadequate for the community school. There is not enough space or seating for the children. For now, the school meets in a church building across town which although has more space requires the children to walk several miles each day. Currently, Jehovah-Nissi de Vincent lacks adequate space, funding, and materials. 

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In order for Leosthene to make a lasting impact upon his community of Pignon, Haiti Lifeline Ministries has partnered with Church of Manna Ministries of God in a sustainability effort. This endeavor will include a combination of funding from the United States as well as income generated from the church. After discussion about the community's needs and the skills already within the congregation, Leosthene and his parishioners are excited about establishing a sewing business in Pignon. With your help, our wonderful Haitian brothers and sisters will be able to establish a self-sustaining business that will provide income to their families as well as funding for the church and school. 

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