Student Sponsorship

The student sponsorship program, based on prayer and financial support, provides for the needs of each young adult accepted into the Oasis Project. Sponsorship covers clothing, shelter, food, tuition, books, and transportation. Those who sign up to sponsor a student in this program commit to supporting the child they are sponsoring both financially and through prayer.

Since one goals of the Oasis Project is to give these youth the tools necessary to not only survive, but thrive in their environment, we allow students to manage their own personal finances and utilize local resources. Each student is given a monthly stipend out of the sponsorship funding that they budget for their personal charitable giving/tithe, food, clothing, and transportation needs. Our house parents provide instruction and oversight in this area.

Tuition and associated school expenses vary based on the level of education as Haitian university is much more costly than high school. This is tracked through each student's school and routinely checked via by grade cards and school documents. 

The cost of providing for one student is approximately $150 per month although any sponsorship amount is welcome! Sponsors may pay by check, credit card, or automatic bank withdrawal.


Download this PDF to sign up to sponsor a student: Sponsorship Sign Up Form

Please mail forms to:
Haiti Lifeline Ministries
2900 SW MacVicar Ave
Topeka, KS 66611


Please note: Your monthly gift combined with the gifts of others will be used to support the overall ministry of The Oasis Project in providing for the needs of the students. Due to legal issues, all financial gifts made to The Oasis Project are general gifts that will go to the financial support of all students supported by HLM, and are not considered financial support designated for any specific young adult.


Click on the Educational Visa Program photo above for for information on The Oasis Project students who are hoping to continue their academic pursuits in the United States.