Travel Teams

Several times a year, Haiti Lifeline Ministries sends groups of work teams to Haiti. All of the trips have a specific emphasis and purpose though regardless of the team focus, Haiti Lifeline's goal is to serve the people of Haiti. During the summer, groups are sent to put on programs specifically for the children at the Lifeline orphanage including Vacation Bible School and vocational camps. Twice a year, medical teams travel to the Lifeline Orphanage and operate a free clinic for the community of Croix-de-Bouquets as well as surrounding villages. Throughout the year, we also travel to areas around Haiti for One Body church building teams. Click HERE to look through recent pictures from all of our teams!

2019 Teams

** Dates are tentative and subject to change **

January 5th- 12th One Body Church Building Team (approval to travel based on necessary construction skills)

January 13th- 23rd One Body Church Building Team (approval to travel based on necessary construction skills)

April 4th- 11th Medical & Work Team 

July 9th- 16th  Fine Arts Camp 

July 16th- 26th Vacation Bible School Team

October 22nd- October 29th  Medical & Work Team

October 29th- November 5th  Medical & Pastors Conference Team

Please note: Travel dates are approximate and may change slightly based upon available airline tickets. However, you will be notified well in advance of any change to the dates listed above. 

Initially, preference for team spots will be given to those who have not been able to travel on a team during the current calendar year of team travel.  If you have already traveled to Haiti Lifeline during this season, we will make every effort to add to another team, but we would like as many people as possible to be able to experience this opportunity.