one body

" Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."   Romans 12:5

One Body is a growing organization of believers in Haiti and America who recognize the value of partnership. We not only want to build a church building but to build the Body of Christ in Haiti as well. The mission of the One Body Project is to build up the body of Christ in Haiti through building churches and discipling local church leaders.

why we exist

Haitian Pastors and their churches are proclaiming the gospel to their communities and most of those communities live in very difficult circumstances. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, have left many churches with damaged and crumbling buildings or no building at all. Many churches meet in simple structures consisting of posts, a roof, and a dirt floor. Congregations look to their pastor not only for spiritual leadership, but also for medical assistance, food, financial help, and other practical support. Because pastors and church buildings are the center of community life in Haitian villages, constructing churches and establishing relationships in these villages is an incredible opportunity to invest holistically in Haiti. They are in need of our help and as one body in Christ, we're answering the call! 


pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel Dieudonne and his wife Nicole have served faithfully at Bethel Church in Croix-de-Bouquets, Haiti for many years. They not only serve the community of Croix-de-Bouquets but also work to provide support and encouragement for villages in the surrounding area especially the pastors and their families at the churches in these villages. Because of Daniel's connection to other pastors, One Body leaders have been able to meet with several other devoted pastors passionately serving throughout Haiti.



Our Goal is to build 25 churches in 10 years! 

CHURCH construction

Having a safe place where Haitian believers can gather for worship and biblical teaching is the cornerstone of the One Body program. The building process happens in two phases with Haitian workers constructing the church foundation and walls as the first phase. Having Haitians complete this initial step allows us to bolster the Haitian economy and use the skilled labor available. Phase two involves putting a roof on the building. For the sake of safety and durability, roof packages are shipped from the U.S. to Haiti and a team of experienced builders are sent to install and secure the roofs and complete any other finishing touches. The cost of building one church in Haiti is $30,000. To build 25 churches, HLM needs to raise a total of $750,000 which does not include benches, pulpits, or other furniture for the new church.

American partners have an opportunity to participate by raising funds to cover as much of each project as possible. Additionally, those partnering in the United States could potentially travel to Haiti and help finish the church and attend the dedication service! Click HERE to see pictures from our recent building team.

Bou Beauge well.jpg

Clean Water Initiative 

Not only is there a lack of church buildings in these communities, but many of these Haitian villages don't have access to clean water. In one area, villagers have to walk two hours to gather water at a stream and two hours back! Four hours every day to have clean water!

The One Body Project is also committed to providing direct access to clean water in the communities that need it. We are doing this by paying Haitian workers to dig wells and cisterns. The average cost of these projects is between $3,000- $5,000. What a small cost to change the life of a village! 


We not only want to build up church buildings, we want to build up the congregation!

pastors conference

How are we going to build up Haitian believers? By building up the Haitian pastors. We don't know the details of the individuals living in these communities, but the pastors do. We are going to encourage, equip, and disciple the pastors of these communities so that they can better lead their congregations. The best way to accomplish this is through pastors conferences. For many years, Pastor Daniel has hosted a pastors conference at his church, Bethel Church of God in Croix-des-Bouquets, where over 100 Haitian pastors and church leaders have gathered for training and encouragement. For the last several years, he has asked for American pastors and church leaders to partner in leading this conference. The One Body Project aims to continue these pastors conferences and possibly expanding the number and location of conferences each year. Click HERE to view photos from our recent pastors conference.